Our composite cylinders are engineered to exceed expectations and provide customers with comfort and security.

For Type 3 or 4 pressure vessels, the process begins with an aluminum or plastic liner. The liner is mounted into Optimum’s 4-axis filament winder and winding can begin. Carbon, glass, or other fiber with resin is then wound onto the liner utilizing specific wrap patterns designed to optimize performance.

After winding, the composite cylinders are cured in a high temperature oven. This process allows the composite material to fully cross-link to obtain optimum properties.

After the cure process, each pressure vessel goes through a unique pressurization process that verifies integrity and quality. For a Type 3 cylinder, this part of the process also involves pressurizing to autofrettage pressure, which assures a long service life for the cylinders.  

The completed composite cylinders are individually inspected to make sure they meet Optimum’s high standard of quality and performance.

The end result of this highly complex process is a beautiful and high performance composite cylinder that meets the needs of our customers!

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Hydrogen Tanks

1.0 L Plastic Liner

3.9" Diameter X 9.3" Length

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