Type 3 Tanks

Optimum is pleased to introduce it's new line of CNG tanks. Optimum's tanks are designed, fabricated, and manufactured to the highest standards, inusuring it's customers will recieve the best product available. Every tank is guaranteed to look magnificent. That's because each one has a blue semi-transparent finish applied to the outside of each tank setting Optimum apart from all other fuel storage manufacturers.  All of Optimum's CNG Tanks are Certified to NGV2 and DOT FMVSS304 Specifications.

Optimum's CNG Tank Sizes are


The  16X35 CNG tank is the smallest option currently available at Optimum.  It is 16.0 inches diameter  by 34.6 inches long.  It can hold up to 6.8 gge.


The 16X48 CNG tank has a 9.7 gge rating.  It is 16.0 inches in diameter and 48.0 inches long.  


The 19x34 CNG tank is a unique cylinder size, which has various applications. Although it is the shortest in length of Optimum's tanks, it has an impressive 8.3gge capacity due to the 19" diameter.


The 19x45 is Optimum's first CNG tank developed and certified. This tank has 11.8gge capacity. Applicable uses being SUV's of various sizes, vans, and large sedans.


Optimum's 19x60 tank is an alternative to the 21x60. The capacity is 16.7 gge.  The smaller diameter gives pick-up owners an advantage when using a tonneau cover or when placing a cargo box over the top of the tank for storage.


The 21X60 tank is the largest tank that Optimum produces.  The diameter of 21 inches and length of 60 inches gives 21.0 gge capacity.


Type 3 CNG Cylinder Specifications

Cylinder specifications


Type 4 Tanks

  • 7.5 L Double Ported Plastic Liner
  • 1.0 L Plastic Liner
  • Custom made size