Optimum Composite Technologies was established March of 2012 in Brigham City, Utah in the USA.

Optimum specializes in the design, fabrication and production of type 3 and 4 alternative fuel cylinders. As a fuel storage specialist, Optimum is continuously seeking to advance in an ever-growing industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality, safe, and durable fuel storage tanks to satisfy their needs.

Optimum was established through a joint venture between Muramoto USA and Rocky Mountain Pressure Tanks. The company was formed with the synergy of an experienced American designer and a global manufacturing network. With over 23 years of combined experience in the design and fabrication of COPV’s, Optimum is able to design and fabricate innumerable tanks of various types, sizes, uses, and operating pressures. 

The world is searching for ways to improve the environment and cut down on greenhouse emissions. There is such a great need to find and use alternative fuels that are domestically produced, less expensive, and less harmful to the environment. Optimum is playing an active role in the solution of being environmentally friendly.

Compressed natural gas is part of the solution to decrease consumption and dependence of petroleum-based fuels. We support and encourage the use of CNG and hydrogen as cleaner alternative fuels.

Our role as a clean fuel advocate is to provide the worldwide community with a way of storing compressed fuels safely.

Our current focus is on the development of compressed natural gas tanks for aftermarket automotive and OEM applications. We take many precautions in developing and manufacturing our high pressure tanks to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product. Our high performance tanks are designed for safety and, as well as for beauty.