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Type 4 Liners


Type 4 liners weigh one-third the weight of aluminum liners. They can be wrapped in Carbon Fiber or other materials. Composite over-wrapped pressure vessels with type 4 liners reduce fueling system weight. The reduced weight leads to better fuel economy, increased range, and increased storage capacity. Common uses for type 4 liners include aerospace, bus, and trucking applications. Type 4 liners are corrosion resistant which ensures longevity and reliability. Contact us for in-stock liners or for liner development. 

Polar Bosses

Optimum Composites patented polar bosses are engineered for unrivaled durability. Optimum continually uses this technology on products ranging from small cylinders in R&D testing to high pressure Hydrogen tanks. These polar bosses continually withstand pressures beyond 25,000psi.  

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