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Hydrostatic Burst Testing

    • Utilizing fluid, we perform a destructive pressure test to find the overload capacity of cylinders. With strain gauges we are able to record expansion and stress throughout the test.
    • What we learn from Burst testing
      • Max burst pressure
      • The safety factor specified in applicable standards
      • The failure mode
      • Confirm design margins of the product

Fatigue Testing

Fatigue testing involves cyclic loading of COPV’s to a prescribed maximum and minimum pressure until a fatigue failure occurs, or until a predetermined number of loading cycles has been applied. Product moves through our state of the art equipment quickly, ensuring you get the information you need in a quick responsive manner. 

Autofrettage and Hydro Testing

    • We autofrettage and hydro test CNG tanks to ensure reliability and ensure CNG products are in accordance with laws and regulations.

Thermal Analysis

    • With our TA DSC 25 we have the ability to better understand material structure. We can easily measure thermal events such as:
      • glass transition (Tg)
      • melting
      • crystallization
      • cure reactions
      • onset of oxidation
      • heat transitions (enthalpy)
      • Expanding on DSC Heat Flow measurements to determine reaction kinetics
      • specific heat capacity
      • compatibility and stability of blends and alloys
      • effect of aging
      • impact of additives on crystallization
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