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Filament Wound Tubing

  • We work with major automotive companies, space exploration, infrastructure, and many other organizations.  We are excited to help you.  Check out our stock tubes to see what’s available right now.  Need a custom composite tube?  Contact us and we can make a quote right away.



    • The filament winding process uses continual strands of fiber, preventing week points from seems
    • Angles in the winding process can be adjusted to create strengths where desired. Parts can be made to be more ridged (bending/axial), to handle more torque (twisting), or higher internal pressures (hoop). Contact us! We can build the part that will fit your needs.
    • Tubing can be painted and made to nearly any color you need.
    • We save money with bulk orders and can pass those savings onto you. If you’re ordering more than one, contact us and see how we can save you money.


  • You can buy tubes right now online. Check out what’s available below.


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Get quote now on custom dimensions and/or bulk order requests.  Fill in the form Below:

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Due to size and ever-changing shipping rates, Optimum composites team member will contact you for delivery information and to collect payment for shipping or freight. These prices vary due to size and number of units purchased.  If you have a preferred shipping method, please let us know.  We’re more than happy to help any way possible.

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